About Georgia

Georgia, famous for ancient sightseeing and hospitality.

1. Sea Resorts:

Batumi – is the third largest city in Georgia and is presenting the capital of autonomous region of Adjara. 10 years reconstruction transformed Batumi as one of the most Attractive resorts of Black Sea coast.

It is said that if you have not been in Boulevard it means you have not seen Batumi. 8 kilometers long Boulevard, is stretched across the sea shore. Here is bicycle road, live peafowls and swans. In addition, the Boulevard is a good place for picnics.

Recommended places to visit: Chacha Fountain, Ali and Nino Sculpture, Alphabet Tower, Piazza Square, Botanical Garden, Ethnographic Museum.

2. Ski Resorts:

Bakuriani – located at an altitude of 1700-2000m, 2,5 hours from Tbilisi International Airport. Soft snow, skiing, horse riding, and snowmobile activities make visitors very excited. Skiing tracks are recommended for families.

Gudauri – located at an altitude of 2000m, 1,3 hours from Tbilisi International Airport. Skiing tracks are recommended for experienced skiers.

Mestia – located at an altitude of 1500m, 5 hours from Kutaisi International Airport. Tracks with different kinds of difficulties are the most famous places for ski lovers.

Goderdzi – located at an altitude of 1500m, 1 hour from Batumi International Airport.

3. Wine Region:

Kakheti – It is generally acknowledged that Georgia is homeland of wine. Kakheti is located in eastern part of Georgia, 93 kilometers away from Tbilisi. Kakheti is famous for its ancient history of viticulture and wine making.

Whoever has traveled to Kakheti, even once in his life, will always associate this place with good wine and welcoming hospitality.

Recommended places to visit: Ikalto Academy, Alaverdi Monastery, Gremi Castle, Sighnaghi – City of Love, Telavi – hometown of wineries, Lopota Lake and lots of historical, religious and cultural sightseeing.

4. Mountainous Georgia

Kazbegi – Historically and ethnographically the town is part of the Khevi province, located in northern part of Georgia.

Recommended places to visit: Kazbegi Mountain – 5 000 meters height, Gergeti Trinity Church, Mineral Lake, Museum of Local Heroes, Georgian Military Road.

Leisure activities: horse riding, trekking, mountaineering, cycling, rafting, motocross, walking through glacier, paragliding.

Mysterious Svaneti – region in northwestern Georgia, is famous for its ancient towers, palaces, mountains and lakes. Mestia is the administrative center of Svaneti which is located in a beautiful valley, between the snowy mountains at 1400m altitude. This beautiful landscape is amazing with its famous towers and air, mixed with the scent of alpine plants.

Recommended places to visit: Enguri Dam – the largest hydroelectric power station of Caucasus, Ushguli Village, Shkhara Mountain, Ushba Mountain, ancient towers, palaces, lakes and Ethnographic Museum.

5. Balneological Resorts:

Borjomi – for diseases of gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and cardiovascular diseases.

Sairme – for diseases of kidney and urinary tract, diabetes, arthritis, osteochondrosis, ulcers and colitis.

Tskaltubo – for problems of bones and joint, promotes restoration after several damages, fractures and operation.

Nunisi – for complex skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema.

Utsera – for diseases of gastric, intestinal and liver.

Nabeghlavi – for diseases of stomach and intestines, ulcers, colitis, diabetes.

Surami – for bronchial asthma.