Do I need a Visa to enter Georgia?

Citizens of more than 90 countries do not require visa to visit Georgia for tourism purposes. These include all European Union and CIS member states, USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Brazil and others. If you have not found your residency in the list, you will be required to obtain a short-term entry-visa. Applicants might need to provide confirmation of their travel purposes, such as hotels, flights reservations, booked Georgia tour schedule, etc. The application process can be made online. More information on visa types, application procedures and others is available here.

What is the best period to travel to Georgia?

Georgia is famous for its all year round travel opportunities. Depending on the activities pursued travellers find it attractive to visit basically any time of the year. Spring (starting from April till early June) and autumn (from September to late November) are the best seasons for those who prefer cultural and historical tours, as the weather is mostly warm, with occasional wind and rain. Summer is great in Georgia, especially if you decide to spend it trekking high in the mountains of Svaneti, Kazbegi or Tusheti, or travel to the Western part of the country to enjoy the Black Sea. Winter time is very popular among ski and snowboard enthusiasts. Gudauri and Bakuriani winter resorts are the first to pop up in mind.

Is it possible to exchange Georgian lari (GEL) back into Euro or US Dollars at departure?

Yes, lari can be exchanged in Tbilisi international airport, as well as at any other international airports or train stations in Georgia, or at any currency exchange booths throughout the country. Exchange booths mostly operate with the following currencies: US dollar, Euro, Turkish lira, UK pound, Russian ruble. Depending on the amount to be exchanged you may be required to present your ID.

Are credit cards accepted in Georgia?

The overwhelming majority of shops, restaurants and cafes throughout Georgia accept major credit cards, however, visiting the markets, sales and flea markets are better to stock up on cash.

What is the currency in Georgia?

National currency of Georgia is Lari (GEL). One lari consists of 100 tetri. Currently there are lari banknotes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 denominations, and coins of 1 and 2 laris. More information about currencies used in Georgia is available here.

Can a tourist subscribe for Georgian mobile operator?

Yes, foreign citizens can subscribe to any of Georgian mobile operators. ID or passport is required for subscription.