Bloomberg included Georgia in the top 10 fastest growing tourist destinations

Georgia ranked second in the list of the fastest growing tourist destinations. Top 10 destinations that show great growth, made Bloomberg, guided by data from the UN World Tourism Organization.

The annual growth of tourism in Georgia was 27.9%, however, Bloomberg is sure that this is not the limit.

The authors of the rating believe that soon Georgia “will be on the lips of all serious travelers.” Today, this trend is in demand even among industry players such as London luxury travel agency Black Tomato.

“Of course, we could not even think that this country will show such growth this year. However, the answer to the question why this happened is on the surface, ”says Tom Marshant, one of the founders of Black Tomato.

First of all, Georgia is interested in travelers who are looking for new directions for gastronomic tourism. According to Marshant, “the historical cuisine of Georgia is the perfect reason to visit this untouched corner of Europe.”

Meanwhile, the capital of Tbilisi boasts “super-class hotels, bars and restaurants,” said Marshant. As an example, Bloomberg leads the design hotel “Stamba”, which opened this spring in the building of the Soviet printing house.

It is noteworthy that other countries of the South Caucasus region were included in the Bloomberg rating. So, Armenia, where the flow of tourists for the year increased by 18.65%, was on the 10th line. Azerbaijan, with an increase of 20%, is in seventh place on the list.

In the list of fast-growing areas, Bloomberg also included Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Macedonia, Iceland, Turkey and Israel. The most fantastic growth in tourist traffic was shown by the dwarf European state of San Marino (31.1%).

According to the National Tourism Administration of Georgia, in the eight months of this year, 5.9 million international travelers visited the country. In comparison with the data for January-August 2017, the growth was 12.2%.

At the height of the tourist season – in August and July, about 2.5 million visitors visited Georgia. Only in August, about 1.3 million foreign citizens and non-residents of Georgia crossed the state borders of the country.

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